Embedding wellbeing into the curriculum

The International Network of Inclusive Practice would like to invite you to our next event bringing together academics, researchers, students, learning developers , disability and student support professionals.

This event is focussing on ‘Embedding well-being into the curriculum’ and will include opportunities to hear from academics, including Kate Lister from the Open University, Professor Richard Waites from the University of York and students and university professional support colleagues about their progress and challenges to date in implementing inclusive wellbeing practice in teaching and learning.

Kate will be sharing her perspectives on successful strategies for embedding mental wellbeing into the curriculum whilst Richard will give an overview of recent work on engaging with students about wellbeing issues. Additionally, there will be discussions on implementing the whole university approach as envisaged in the University Mental Health Charter, a student view of the importance of wellbeing which moves beyond the use of support services in teaching and learning spaces.

As with our previous event we will be holding this 2-hour session on Remo enabling networking as well as presentations.

If you want to book a ticket please do so through our Eventbrite page:

Embedding well-being into the curriculum Tickets, Wed 24 Mar 2021 at 14:00 | Eventbrite

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