Inclusive Practice Network

This is an organisation for staff within higher education which is focussed on delivery of inclusive teaching and learning practice.

Inclusion here is defined as the facilitation of learning through pedagogy which allows for the differences between all learners. It is based on an assumption that when we educate, we are aiming to assist all learners to achieve to the best of their abilities and without the methods of teaching delivery acting as an impediment to learning (Wray, 2016).

Formed in 2016 the network has so far organised three national events:

2017 inaugural conference – Formulating excellence in inclusive learning, teaching and assessment practice: have we reached the tipping point in higher education?

2017 networking conference

2019 annual conference – Inclusive assessment: innovations in practice

with a fourth (international) conference planned for 2021 at the University of Cambridge.

The network was recently renamed the International Network of Inclusive Practice.

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