Recording teaching sessions – arguments against

Staff are concerned that lecture recording might lead to a drop in attendance, or that it would lead to less spontaneous teaching and more self-conscious participation by students.

Currently, it is unlikely that all teaching sessions would be recorded because of various practical reason. For example, at Manchester University, where a lecture capture policy has been implemented, staff are given the opportunity to not record their session if there is an obvious reason why this would be impractical or detrimental to teaching delivery:

  • Not all teaching styles are suitable for capture, e.g. where there is use of whiteboards, chalk boards etc. or if there is a high degree of student participation;
  • a requirement for academic staff to change their preferred teaching style for the purpose of recording may be detrimental to the student experience, and is not encouraged;
  • ethical issues, or the use of sensitive material may render the recording of some teaching and learning activities as being inappropriate.
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