Accessible and inclusive learning and teaching delivery

This statement refers to a variety of practices which could range from changing the font on presentation slides to re-arranging the whole way in which you deliver a module.

Ideally most of this practice would have been considered before teaching is delivered but many of these adjustments can be made on an ongoing basis.

For example, do you ensure that the Moodle website which accompanies each module is up to date and provides learning resources which support the content of face-to-face sessions? Has feedback been obtained from the student body on the accessibility of these pages? Are reading lists up to date and materials easy to get hold of? Do you provide a long list of references or are references released which are relevant to the delivery of each weeks’ face-to-face session making it easier for disabled students (and therefore all your students) to navigate Moodle content?

ILTAF statement: Students are given access to teaching and learning delivery which is accessible and inclusive.

Remove barriers

Recording of teaching sessions

Recording teaching sessions – arguments for

Recording teaching sessions – arguments against

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