Inclusive Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework

These are the pages I developed to support the delivery of an audit framework (pdf  Word) I initiated at York St John University in the UK. Based on change management theory of Fullan the framework was developed to work on several levels of  policy implementation.

Each department was expected to complete the framework through self-assessment of their teaching courses and send it back with their annual monitoring returns to the Registry Department as part of the formal quality assurance process.

I used the following definition :

Inclusion here is defined as the facilitation of learning through pedagogy which allows for the differences between all learners. It is based on an assumption that when we educate, we are aiming to assist all learners to achieve to the best of their abilities and without the methods of teaching delivery acting as an impediment to learning.

The framework is split into four sections:

Quality Assurance

Before Teaching

During Teaching


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