Hong Kong

Alongside Pete Quinn (of Pete Quinn Consulting) and Dr Sophie Brigstocke, University of York, I designed, developed and delivered a training course to 120 primary and secondary teachers from across Hong Kong.

Mindmapping HK

Hosted by the Education University of Hong Kong and funded by the Education Board of the Hong Kong Government the programme is being delivered to English teachers as a thematic course on the subject of specific learning difficulties and intellectual disability.

480 hours of teaching and practicum mentoring have been provided through three delivery periods March and May/June 2018 and January 2019.

Hong Kong pendant presentation

The course encompasses more traditional subjects such as the history and definitions of dyslexia alongside contemporary approaches to educational practice; universal design for learning; differentiated teaching; multi-sensory delivery.

Participants then display their learning through practicums within their own schools and observations of other participants’ delivery.


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