e-Seminar on Inclusive Practice in Online/Remote Learning

The latest event organised by the International Network of Inclusive Practice will take place on Wednesday 4th November 2020, 2.30pm – 4.30pm. 

The Covid-19 crisis of 2020 created an unprecedented challenge for higher education providers as they moved entire faculty curricula online whilst attempting to maintain an equitable experience for students from across the globe. Some of the solutions to these challenges closely resembled approaches which had previously been suggested as removing barriers which exist for disabled students.

This online seminar asks if this punctuated equilibrium marks a turning point for an accelerated move towards inclusive approaches in HE or, has the sector’s response created more problems than it answered for marginalised groups of students?

Facilitated by Pete Quinn & Mike Wray and hosted using the Remo platform we will hear from speakers in 4 UK universities and welcome delegates to:

  • reflect on your practice, 
  • hear both teaching and learner experiences 
  • discuss and decide on inclusive ways forward

Please visit http://www.inip.org.uk/events/inclusive-practice-in-online-remote-learning/ for details of our presenters or book directly via Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/inclusive-practice-in-onlineremote-learning-tickets-124092701611

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